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Smålands Lös
Solve Småland is a snus with a more classic taste.
SEK 370
Röda Lacket Lös
Red lacquer Loose is fine loose. The flavor is mild and slightly fruity and hints of licorice.
SEK 529
Kronan Lös
Crown Solve has a stable and strong taste of tobacco with bergamot and citrus elements.
SEK 410
Knox Lös
Knox Loose has a stable and strong taste of tobacco.
SEK 399
Knekt Lös
Jack Loose has a traditional snus flavor.
SEK 370
Göteborgs Rapé Lös
Gothenburg Rapé loose with a mil and sommrig tobacco flavor with a little sweetness. The flavor...
SEK 510
Granit lös
Granite is a loose snus with a pure flavor of tobacco.
SEK 409
General Extra Stark lös
General Extra Strong loose is powerful and spicy tobacco flavor.
SEK 510
General Lös
General Loose is a snus with a strong and spicy flavor. The flavor is peppery element and a bit...
SEK 510
Ettan Lössnus
Full-bodied and robust tobacco character with clear hints of smoke, malt and stables, and a...
SEK 510
Grovsnus Lössnus
Grovsnus loose snus is a robust snus as well avgundat and with a taste of pure tobacco.
SEK 510
LD Lössnus
LD Loose has a traditional flavor of tobacco with a hint of bergamot and citrus.
SEK 414
Strong solution
SEK 510
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