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SEK 209
SEK 299
SEK 249
LD 30 Original Portion
same as LD original portion but with 30 portions in every pack instedd of 20 portions in original...
SEK 284
Oden's Original Portion
Oden's Original Portion is a snus with a classic and pure taste of tobacco.
SEK 245
Smålands Portion
Småland is a Portion snus with a more classic taste.
SEK 199
Kronan Portion
Crown Portion is a stable and strong taste of tobacco with bergamot and citrus elements.
SEK 249
Knox Portion
Knox Portion has a stable and strong taste of tobacco.
SEK 274
Knekt Portion
Jack is a traditional Portion snus with a somewhat mild tobacco elements with even a hint of...
SEK 199
Kaliber Original
Caliber Original Portion has a traditional flavor.
SEK 199
Granit Portion
Granite is a Portion snus with a
SEK 209
General Onyx Portion
General Onyx Portion is an exclusive snus.
SEK 449
General Portion
General Portion snus with a strong and spicy flavor. The taste is peppery and has a shade of lemon.
SEK 389
Ettan Portion
Ettan Portion is a snus with traditional tobacco flavor. Something rich, slightly smoky and an...
SEK 389
Knox Stark Portion
A strong classic snus with a robust tobacco flavor and medium-like humidity.
SEK 274
Jakobsson's Wintergreen  Portion
A strong snus with wintergreen that gives a fresh flavor with just the right balance of sweetness.
SEK 399
LD Original Portion
Traditionally, low-snuff with clear tobaksssmak and hints of citrus and bergamot.
SEK 227
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